Sunday, 11 November 2012

Prepare for Whip Cream this Thanksgiving

In case you forgot, Turkey Day is just around the corner.  After the Turkey, mashed potatoes and other fixings comes my favorite dessert.  I have to say I just love Pumpkin Pie with fresh Whipped Cream.  Nothing fancy, but it has to be fresh whip cream to really finish it off just right.

I can't tell you the number of times I've gone to make the whipped cream with my reliable old whip cream dispenser that comes out twice a year... only to realize I've lost the charger holder or can't find a silly spray nozzle!  Then I'm off to the store for the crappy stuff from the can.

Don't wait, there's still time to save your Thanksgiving dessert.  Make sure you have your dispenser, whipped cream chargers and spare parts if needed.  I keep the recipe straight forward and simple.  There's plenty of other stuff to deal with.  So just get heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar and a couple dashes of vanilla extract and you're good to go in my opinion.  Have a happy and delicious Thanksgiving!

Saturday, 7 July 2012

whip cream dispenser not working?

OK, so we've been in business for over a decade now and have had plenty of people ask why their dispenser isn't working.  You've got to remember these are very simple machines.  Most of the time the problem is "user error".  However there are just a few mechanical problems that can arise.

If you're experiencing loss of pressure or gas.  Make sure the head is screwed on snugly, not over-tight!  If you hear gas escaping between the head and the body, then check the rubber gasket seal.  These can get hard over time and lose their sealing ability.  In this case, you can get a new gasket for about $3.  Get replacement dispenser parts online.  If you can hear gas escaping through the nozzle, make sure the spring has pushed the handle all the way back out.  If it's still leaking, you might need to replace the pressure valve stick.  This is a metal valve that goes through the underside of the whip cream dispenser's had and protrudes through the top where the spray nozzle is screwed on.

Other common replacement parts include decorator tips or spray nozzles, charger holders, metal base tips and more.  At the end of the day you can always get a new machine but try the replacement parts first.  These are usually simple fixes that will allow you to continue to use your dispenser for many years to come.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Stainless Steel Whipped Cream Dispensers

Aluminum whip cream dispensers are perfectly fine and safe for home use to make whipped cream, but commercial businesses should really use stainless steel whipped cream makers.  Any of our whipped cream chargers will work with these dispensers.

Stainless steel will not corrode or rust.  They're dishwasher safe in those heavy duty commercial dishwashers and the parts are more durable than their plastic head, whipped cream making counterparts.  Stainless steel whippers are easier to clean and keep sanitary.  Notice that any Starbucks you walk into will be using stainless steel whipped cream dispensers.

These guys don't take chances wither customer's health and safety...either should you.  Check out our complete line of affordable commercial grade, stainless steel whipped cream dispensers.  These are available in standard Pint size or Quart size where heavier volume is needed.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Can't open your whipped cream dispenser?

OK, so who else is guilty of this?  I just opened my fridge the other day to find my whipped cream dispenser hidden on the bottom shelf of the fridge door.  Mind you I'm getting ready for Christmas dinner and this batch of whip cream was made for Thanksgiving dinner!

Obviously I was a little nervous about opening this thing up..I could already see hardened crud around the nozzle and knew it wasn't going to be pretty.  The first task was to get the dispenser head of the bottle which is not an easy task if you've let it sit and harden.

First thing you want to do is release any gas from the whipper.  Turn it upside down over the sink and release the nitrous and remaining contents into the sink by squeezing the handle.  Often times this will still not be enough to get the head off.  So run some hot water into the sink and fill it up enough so you can submerge your dispenser.  Let it soak for a good 20-30 minutes to loosen up any remaining stuff.  Squeeze the handle again as the warmth will reactivate any remaining nitrous oxide and allow you to fully depressurize the canister.  Now you should be able to unscrew the top of the head.

Make sure you clean the whipped cream dispenser good before making another batch for Christmas dinner!  Merry Christmas to everyone!  Always be sure to have a good supply of whipped cream chargers on hand.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Leaking Whip Cream Dispenser?

I don't make whip cream as much as I'd like anymore, but I always break out my whip cream maker for Thanksgiving desserts!  The family has come to expect fresh tasting whip cream and not the store bought stuff with all the preservatives and extra "stuff" you don't want to eat.

I've used the same Mosa brand whipper every year for the last 4-5 years and everything worked perfectly.  This time around I put in the heavy cream, couple table spoons of powdered sugar, 2-3 dashes of vanilla extract and screwed the top back on.  I gave it a few shakes to mix the contents and then used the charger holder to screw on the whipped cream charger.  To my surprise, the gas started to leak out through the sides of the top.  I immediately tried to tighten it to no avail.

I knew it had to be the gasket, so I removed the head pulled out the gasket.  The gasket had actually become hard after years of sitting in the cupboard.  I rinsed it with warm water and got it heated enough so it was a little softer.  I put the gasket back in, screwed the head back on and inserted another charger. worked!  This was a good short term fix, but I replaced the gasket so it's like new again.  These things pretty much last forever, but the little parts do occasionally need to be replaced.  You can get parts for your Mosa or Whip-It brand whipped cream dispenser here.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Soda siphons-Anytime a Great Addition To Your Kitchen or Bar!

May be you are among those who love to throw fabulous parties and have passion for entertaining guests in your own unique style! Whatever the reason you have to celebrate, using a home soda siphon to make your own specialty beverages and drinks is a lot of fun. Trust me; soda siphons are something that can energize your beverage leaving your guests impressed and amazed with the party in their mouths. This is why a lot of people try to entertain their guests with a unique aluminum or glass mesh soda siphon. They use Carbon dioxide gas (CO2) cartridges to carbonize the water.

Making sodas with co2 cartridges has become quite popular. With high pressure, a soda siphon is basically used to dispense carbonated club soda from your own unique container. C02 gas allows drinkers to enjoy that unique effervescence and make their evening special with the help of a tasty beverage. Different agencies worldwide have given green flag to the use of C02 for this purpose. Many people say that the using their own soda siphons is better than the store bought soda. Of course, you don’t have to put great efforts in creating a thirst quenching drink. Co2 cartridges are easy to use and have something special to offer to those who really like to enjoy those soothing bubbles.

A few shakes and the high pressure of soda siphon helps blend the carbon dioxide properly into your beverage. Don’t forget to pay attention to the temperature of your water! For more bubbles, aroma and taste, it is better to use cold water as its supposed to absorb a higher level of carbon dioxide gas delivering the best results. Sometimes spelled “soda syphons”, they are the same name as siphon. There are few older folks who sometimes refer to them as seltzer bottles or syphon seltzers. Just to be clear, buying a soda siphon or seltzer maker can be a great addition to your kitchen or bar. They can help make any party or festive season simply great and unforgettable. 

Whipped cream dispensers allow you to experience Scrumptious, homemade Whip Cream

It is really great to enjoy scrumptious and tasty homemade whip cream. A Few years ago you were probably rushing to the market or hiring an expert to whip it up by hand to get delicious whipped cream. Now using whipped cream dispensers you can do the same in just a few simple steps. It’s not a complicated process you need to follow since yummy whip cream will be produced in seconds while pressing the button of your handy new whipper. Don’t worry! You are not going to mix the cream by hand to achieve good results because this is all now possible in a few simple steps. The good news is that it is very easy to operate these dispensers with the help of cream chargers that look like little CO2 cartridge. These chargers are also known as whip-its.

Make sure that the quality of charger is good because it will have an impact on the taste and longevity of your whip cream. Of course, the usage of moderate amount of the whip cream will help you enjoy the use of your dispenser for a long time. Whipped cream chargers can be purchased from various locations, but we’ve been offering chargers and dispensers reliably and at a significant cost saving for ten years now! Many folks will say that all whipped cream chargers are nothing but a steel cylinder filled with Nitrous oxide.  Test our brands, read the reviews online and you’ll see why our brands are better.

The experience of adding your own homemade whip cream is simply incomparable when added on top of your homemade dessert.  Customer’s never go back to the store bought once they see how easy it is to make your own whip cream at home. It would not be wrong to say that whipped cream dispensers have now evolved as a viable alternative to make homemade whip cream that can transform a normal dessert into a lip smacking dish. The usage of cream chargers has becomes very common place, especially during the holidays. The demand for whip-its whip cream chargers and dispensers is high during the holidays as more and more people are making their own whipped cream at home the fresh and natural way with no preservatives, chemicals or other fillers.  Don’t forget they can always make a great gift for a friend!