Thursday, 22 December 2011

Can't open your whipped cream dispenser?

OK, so who else is guilty of this?  I just opened my fridge the other day to find my whipped cream dispenser hidden on the bottom shelf of the fridge door.  Mind you I'm getting ready for Christmas dinner and this batch of whip cream was made for Thanksgiving dinner!

Obviously I was a little nervous about opening this thing up..I could already see hardened crud around the nozzle and knew it wasn't going to be pretty.  The first task was to get the dispenser head of the bottle which is not an easy task if you've let it sit and harden.

First thing you want to do is release any gas from the whipper.  Turn it upside down over the sink and release the nitrous and remaining contents into the sink by squeezing the handle.  Often times this will still not be enough to get the head off.  So run some hot water into the sink and fill it up enough so you can submerge your dispenser.  Let it soak for a good 20-30 minutes to loosen up any remaining stuff.  Squeeze the handle again as the warmth will reactivate any remaining nitrous oxide and allow you to fully depressurize the canister.  Now you should be able to unscrew the top of the head.

Make sure you clean the whipped cream dispenser good before making another batch for Christmas dinner!  Merry Christmas to everyone!  Always be sure to have a good supply of whipped cream chargers on hand.


  1. Thanks for such a nice information about how to open freezed whipped cream chargers.

  2. Thanks for this. I was scared to open mine as I am new to it and the instructions on the box state under no circumstances opening the head and sending to to manufacturer instead. What a way to instill fear in us!